The Wine Cellar.

The Bingiateris cellar started with microvinification cycles, experimenting with various agronomic techniques in the vineyards and innovative processing in the cellar. This allowed the definition of the ideal perimeters for cultivation and of the work in the cellar, with a production cycle inspired by highly natural, traditional methods, and complete respect for the environment. This research has led the two wines produced by Bingiateris today, Lollòre and Thàlei, to become among the finest wines of the Mandrolisai region. The awards won by these two labels in prestigious national wine competitions confirm the qualities of the Cellar, which, although still young, is already capable of offering a very high quality product.

After the grapes have been destalked and crushed, the fermentation process begins in the cellar, in which the grapes remain in contact with the grape skins for about ten days. Once the wine is drawn off, it is poured into steel containers to allow the malolactic fermentation cycle to begin. It is then transferred into refined French oak barrels of 30 and 10 hl to encourage a subsequent aging for fifteen to eighteen months. The final aging then takes place over a few months in the bottle.


From left to right:

  • Tatti Antonello
  • Carboni Mario
  • Fadda Tonino
  • Casula Mario
  • Cau Riccardo
  • Fadda Mondino
  • Mascia Tonino