Ortueri, Mandrolisai.

Ortueri is a small village in Mandrolisai, located right in the centre of Sardinia. Still today, the village preserves its strong identity. Strolling through the streets of the old town, it is easy to recollect the magic of the past. The surrounding area, with its countryside and vineyards, reminds us of the unspoilt beauty of inland Sardinia. The local dialect is still very much alive here, as are many of the oldest traditions, the knowledge of which is an inspiration to re-establish and value them once more.


Mandrolisai is one of Sardinia’s historical regions. Located right in the centre of the island, it includes the areas of Atzara, Desulo, Meana Sardo, Ortueri, Sorgono and Tonara. This hilly and then mountainous territory includes the Punta La Marmora at its border which, at 1834 m, is the highest peak of the Gennargentu massif and of Sardinia.
For its wine growing traditions, Mandrolisai is one of the most suitable areas in Sardinia for the production of high-quality wines, obtained from a combination of grape varieties – Bovale, Cannonau and Monica – and a small percentage of locally-grown biodiversity grape varieties.
Bingiateris vines require granite-based sandy soils, positioned on a hill at a height of 600 metres above sea level, with south/south-easterly exposure.