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Bingiateris. Winegrowers in Ortueri

Bingiateris (Sardinian for winegrowers) is not just the name of a wine. It is also the name of a dream that has led 7 friends from Ortueri in Sardinia to create a small wine cellar, re-establishing the vineyards of their fathers and grandfathers. Ten years ago, after following different professional routes from those of the countryside and vineyards, these 7 friends got together again with a common desire. They wanted to try and produce that which in their memory was “the wine of all wines”, the Mandrolisai. A wine of absolute excellence that, until a few decades ago, was considered the Sunday wine throughout Sardinia, a red so special and so pleasing to the palate as to be reserved for special days. However, the prestige of that extraordinary wine waned over time, and the desire to bring it back to its original splendour was the motivation that set the ball in motion. The Bingiateris Winery was thus created from the desire of 7 men to rekindle their friendship and to celebrate it with a glass of “their” Mandrolisai which, in their memory, had always been “the wine of all wines”.



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